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India is one of the most accelerating countries in the world comprised of colossal human resources and a pool of diversified potential customers. Sighting this huge market, foreign direct investments (FDIs) are lured to set up company registration in India, resulting in a gigantic influx of FDI in the country every year.

One such source of FDI is foreign companies setting up their business in India. Contemplating this to be the fuel in the process of moving India into a more developed nation, the government of India has flexed the restrictions to a greater extent, thus, enabling the infusion of more foreign investments into the economy.

Business setup consultants for overseas companies: partner company for expanding business in India

We are a corporate business expansion services provider in Tamil Nadu, exclusively providing consulting services to off-shore companies that are looking to establish their presence in India. Providing insights about the Indian market and setting up the office, we partner with our clients for their Indian operations. We assist and handle everything just the way our clients need. Our experienced team also takes responsibility to fulfil the legal compliance that is required to establish a business in India.


Providing Insights & Knowledge

Before investing money or resources into the business, it is essential to collect the key insights, knowledge and trends of the Indian market. Our corporate business expansion service providers in Tamil Nadu comprehend the business's nature, and purpose and assess all the elements, providing a consultancy report regarding the same. Extensive market research is carried out for the same. Being situated in the heart of India, we possess the expertise, experience and networks, to get your work processed.

Stage 01

Fulfilling Legal Compliance

Uni Square Concepts as business setup consultants in India for overseas companies, assists its clients in getting all the legal requirements completed, that are required in establishing a business in India. Such requirements include registering under the Companies Act, getting required licenses from specific departments, opening bank accounts, etc.

Stage 02

Setting Up The Office

This includes finding a suitable location for the corporate office, hiring suitable candidates for middle and top-level management, implementing systems, setting up the office infrastructure and all other things required for running a business.

Stage 03

Branding and Marketing

The marketing department of our corporate business expansion service provider team in Tamil Nadu develops the brand material required for functioning in the Indian market like websites, brochures, advertisement campaigns etc. This is often done by the global branding guidelines of the company. Since our core business model started as an advertising agency, we provide all the services of branding, advertising and marketing.

Stage 04

Managing Indian Operations

As well-contented business setup consultants in India for overseas companies, we also undertake the responsibility of managing the India office operations for our clients. Once the office is set up and running, our client may choose to partner with us for this. We have quite a good experience in working as a partner company for expanding business in India. Through this, the clients can enjoy the trustworthy services of our reputed brand and ensure having a trustworthy partner in India.

Stage 05